No. 77
20 January 1859
With reference to my Despatch of the 8th Instant, No. 68 acquainting you of the disturbed state of Fort Yale in consequence of the opposition which Mr Whannell, Justice of the Peace for that District, had experienced in the discharge of hisManuscript imagehis duties, I have the honor to inform you that I have since received a letter from Mr Perrier, Justice of the Peace for the District of Hill's Bar, explanatory of his conduct in issuing a process for the arrest of Mr Whannell.
2. I forward herewith for your information a copy of the said communication, which you will perceive in no way exonerates Mr Perrier from the charge of illegal and discourteous interference with the duties of a Brother Magistrate, norManuscript imagenor does it contain any satisfactory explanation of his extraordinary proceedings in the case.
3. Mr Perrier has in consequence, been suspended from the exercise of his functions as a Justice of the Peace, and he will not be re-instated, unless the Lieutenant Governor,
Surely this is a mistake, which ought to be put right. His functions as Lt. Gov. do not commence until the death or absence of the Governor.
who will investigate the case, should make a report in favour of his being allowed to continue in office.
4. The whole disturbance appearsManuscript imageappears more to have arisen from the imprudent step taken by Mr Perrier, than from any illegal act or disorderly conduct on the part of the people.
5. I have not received any tidings from the Lieutenant Governor, since his departure from Fort Langley. It is reported that the progress of the River Steamer which conveyed his party had been impeded by the ice.
6. I mentioned in my before named Despatch my intention of sending a re-inforcement to assistManuscript imageassist the Lieutenant Governor. On the necessary requisition being made to Captain Prevost, of the Satellite, the Senior Naval Officer present at Vancouver's Island, the Plumper was despatched on the morning of the 10th Instant with a force of 50 Seamen and Marines to Fort Langley, where she arrived safely on the following day. The force were under order to join the Lieutenant Governor, and to act under his instructions as circumstances might require. Mr Brew with a small Police forceManuscript imageforce was also of the Party, so that every precaution has been taken to preserve the tranquillity of the Country.
I have etc.
James Douglas
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Mr Merivale
Shall we wait the result of Colonel Moody's mission? I presume a report will be made to the S. of State.
ABd 15/3
HM Mh 15
Wait for the further report as to Mr Whannel; but acknowledge & point out the mistake wh Mr Blackwood has noticed as to the designation of Col. Moody?
C Mch 17
EBL M 17
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Draft reply, Lytton to Douglas, No. 35, 21 March 1859.
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George Perrier to Douglas, 4 January 1859, explaining why he issued a warrant for the arrest of Whannell.