Nind to Newcastle
Woodcote House
24th March 1862
My Lord Duke
I have the honour to report to your Grace that I have arrived in England from the Colony of British Columbia havingobtainedManuscript image obtained leave of absence for nine months on account of ill health, and that I have delivered at the Colonial Office in Downing Street the Duplicate of a Despatch from the Governor of British Columbia in reference thereto.
Having been informedbyManuscript image by the Colonial Secretary of British Columbia that I could draw my half salary whilst in England I have the honour to request to be informed what steps are necessary for me to take with a view to obtain the same.
I have the honour to be My Lord Duke,
your Grace's most obedient humble servant
Philip Henry Nind
Magistrate & Assistant Gold Commissioner

To His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
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Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Inform the writer that the Secy of State has, in a desph addressed to the Governor, confirmed the leave of absence granted him. Add that there are no funds at the disposal of H.M's Govt in this country out of which the writer's 1/2 salary can be paid, & that the Col: Secy ought not to have led him to suppose that such accommodation cd be afforded him.
I think that the Governor shd be instructed to warn the Col: Secy against giving such erroneous infn to Officers on leave of absence. If the British Columbia Govt will remit the necessary funds payment can, in such case, be made to Officers.
ABd 27 March
It would be so hard on this Officer to be left destitute of funds in England that I think we had better follow the precedent in Mr Pemberton's case, and authorize the Agents to advance his half pay, sending strict instructions to the Governor to remit the money to the Agents General.
A separate letter should now be addressed to the Agents Geeral asking whether the Governor has yet remitted to them the amount of their advances to Pemberton. If not the Governor should be reminded and ordered to lose no time about it.
It seems to me that some general instruction to the Governor would be advisable, telling him to remit some moderate sum to lie in the hands of the Agents General for the service which may from time to time be required in this Country for British Columbia.
TFE 28 March
CF 29
N 30
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Elliot to Crown Agents, 4 April 1862, authorizing payment of Nind's half salary and advising that that governor had been instructed to repay the advance and supply additional funds for the service of the colony.
Manuscript image
Colonial Office to Nind, 4 April 1862, advising that the crown agents had been instructed to pay his half salary.
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 115, 16 April 1862, informing him of the arrangements made.