No. 88
26th June 1865
I have learnt with much regret, from your Despatch No. 7, of 24th February, that the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury have determined that the Colony shall pay for the huts and other wooden buildings erected for theaccommodationManuscript image accommodation of the detachment of the Royal Engineers near New Westminster, which are utterly without value to us.
2. This decision having been concurred in by you, I must take it as final, and the only indulgence I now solicit is that the Colonial Agents may be allowed to defer the payment to the Imperial Treasury of the ten thousand seven hundred and four pounds 16/7 (£10,704.16.7), untiltheManuscript image the whole of the Loan authorized to be raised by the Colony has been taken up.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
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Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Par: 2 raises an awkward question: for the Debentures go off slowly & unsatisfactorily as you are aware. This request of the Governor indicates that there is no margin at his Bankers, or at any rate that he is driven rather closely for money.
I suppose we have no alternative except to back up this request at the T-y.
ABd 7 Sep
Mr Cardwell
I do not feel quite sure whether it is a subject for writing to the Treasury. They have said that they must be paid, and we have agreed that they are to be paid. The Crown Agents are gradually getting money for the debentures as opportunities offer, and pay off all the outstanding liabilities with the proceeds in such order as seems convenient when the money is realized. We are not making the payments under the Orders of the Treasury, and they will be paid in their turn.
They have never asked to be paid before other people. My judgement therefore would be for putting this Despatch by.
TFE 8 Septr
The Treasury may be informed of this Despatch, & reminded that the demand was unexpected & it is not surprizing, therefore that there should be some difficulty in making immediate provision for it.
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Manuscript image
Elliot to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 18 September 1865, forwarding copy of the despatch for information and advising that the Crown Agents would be instructed to discharge the debt when the money becomes available.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Cardwell
With your sanction, I have slightly deviated from the exact terms of your minute. But the draft is entirely submitted for your better judgement.
TFE 15/9