Farrer to Under-Secretary of State
Board of Trade
11th February 1867
I am directed by the Board of Trade to acknowledge your letter of the 4th Instant, stating that the Governor of British Columbia, has been requested to cause repayment to be made of the sum of £212.16.10, incurred by the Board of Trade for the supply of Stores for the Lighthouses in Vancouvers Island.
The Board of Trade direct me to observe that these stores were supplied on the requisitions to theCrownManuscript image Crown Agents of the Colonies accompanying your letters of the 15th July 1865 and 12th June last, and that the expenses incurred have been advanced out of the vote for Lighthouses abroad.
It is very desirable that the amount advanced, should be repaid to the vote before the end of the financial year, and I am therefore to suggest that the Crown Agents for the Colonies may be instructed to pay the sum advanced (£212.16.10) as has hitherto been done in former cases, for expenses incurred for the Lighthouses in Vancouvers Island.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your obedient Servant,
T.H. Farrer
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
The financial year ends, as you know, on the 31 March next. It is clear that the funds for paying this claim cannot be procured from V. Couver Island by that time. It is also certain that the Crown Agents have no money in hand belonging to V.C.I. out of which this claim can be satisfied. We must, in this case, either instruct the Agents to pay the debt out of other monies, or apply to the Treasury. I think the first alternative is the preferable one.
ABd 13 Feby
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I have ascertained that the V.C.I. Govt is indebted £480 to the Crown Agents.
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Tell the Crown Agents to pay; and then send out peremptory orders for remitting to them the aggregate amount of the advances made by them for Vancouver, and state that until that money shall be received, the Crown Agents will be prohibited from undertaking any Vancouver servicesforManuscript image for which requisitions may come from the Colonial Government?
TFE 14 Feby
CBA 15/2
Manuscript image
I am afraid that this is the only course to be taken, but I sd wish to see the dph & with it a statement of the present indebtedness of B.C. & V.C.I.
C 16 Feby
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Colonial Office to Board of Trade, 14 March 1867, stating the Crown Agents had been instructed to pay the debt.
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Colonial Office to Crown Agents, 14 March 1867, forwarding copy of the lighthouse account and requesting payment of same.
Minutes by CO staff
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It is important to the Board of Trade to get this money at once. The Governor requested that the Agents should procure the supplies, so that we may with propriety instruct them to pay the cost.
TFE 13/3
B&C 14/3