Sargeaunt to Under-Secretary of State
Offices of the Crown Agents for the Colonies,
Spring Gardens, London, S.W.
26th September 1870
In compliance with the request expressed in Sir F. Rogers' letter of the 31st January, 1870, I have to report that the sum of £330.14.6 has been received by the Crown Agents, being a further amount of Interest due to the Sinking Fund of the Vancouver Island Government Loan of 1862.
This amount has been invested under the authority of the Colonial Office letter of the 24th Jany as p[er] margin
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27 May 1870 [words cut off microfilm] £200
8 Aug " Victoria Do 100
on behalf of W.C. Sargeaunt and Gordon Gairdner Esqres who are the Trustees.
I have the honor to be,
Your obedient Servant,
W.C. Sargeaunt
One of the Trustees
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Lewes
As far as we are concerned, this may be put by. Does Mr Gairdner remain a Trustee?
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Mr Lewes
Have the Bank of E. any funds or securities held in the name of "the Ch. Clerk" (ex officio). If so shd they be told or have they been told of the change.
FR 21/9
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Sir F. Rogers
As far as I am aware, there is but one case (the Bermuda Trust) in which the Chief Clerk is a Trustee by office and not by name.
There are several cases in which Mr Gairdner is associated by name in the Books of the Bank of England with one of the Crown Agents. I presume that the Treasury should be asked to instruct the BanktoManuscript image to substitute "Chief Clerk of the Colonial Office" for "Gordon Gairdner" wherever the name occurs in these Trusts.
There is apparently one case in which Mr Gairdner has been associated, by name, with one of the Crown Agents, in a Trust for which Securities are held by the London & Westminster Bank. If it should prove, on inquiry, that this is still the case, and if the Trust Account cannot be transferred to the Bank of England, I presume that the London and Westmr Bank should be requested to substitute Sir G. Barrow's name for Mr Gairdner's. I think that a private Bank does not recognize Trustees ex officio, but requires names to be given.
JSL 28/9/70
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At once.
Yes. So proceed. I suppose Mr Gairdner's concurrence wd be necessary.
FR 28/9
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Private inquiry on foregoing subject made by me at Treasury & Crown Agents. We shall receive information from Crown Agents.
JSL 6/10/70
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See Mr Payne's note of 22 Oct/70 11346 [a/c?], & further minutes on it.
JSL 24/10/70