British Columbia Public Offices 1870
Admiralty1313 Feb 1 Visit of Captain Lyons to San Juan Island. 1313 B705AD011896 Feb 18 Payment for washing Seymour's linen on board Sparrowhawk. 1896 B705AD024132 Apr 18 Punishment for aiding deserters of Satellite. 4132 B705AD035172 May 14 State of affairs in colony. 5172 B705AD046376 Jun 13 Retention of guards at government house. 6376 B705AD056877 Jun 28 Refusing application of BC desertion ordinance to RN. 6877 B705AD068417 Aug 4 Requisition of supplies at naval stations. 8417 B705AD078793 Aug 15 Sparrowhawk at disposal of governor for San Francisco visit. 8793 B705AD089430 Aug 29 Payment policy on stores supplied by Admiralty. 9430 B705AD0911121 Oct 17 Decline granting of local rank to Delacombe. 11121 B705AD10
Agents (Crown Agents)1333 Jan 31 Public debt readjustment proposal by Julyan. 1333 B705AG013173 Mar 25 Payment to sinking fund for BC loan of 1862. 3173 B705AG023611 Apr 5 Payment to sinking fund for BC loan of 1863. 3611 B705AG033612 Apr 5 Payment to sinking fund for VI loan of 1862. 3612 B705AG046790 Jun 25 Admiralty claims against BC for stores and supplies. 6790 B705AG057838 Jul 20 Payment of half salary to G. Williams. 7838 B705AG069405 Aug 26 Musgrave's public debt re-adjustment scheme. 9405 B705AG079860 Sep 12 Authority to requisition stationery supplies. 9860 B705AG0810392 Sep 26 Payment to sinking fund for VI loan of 1862. 10392 B705AG09
Council (Privy Council)* Feb 24 Missing. * Aug 24 Missing. * Feb 24 Missing. 
Foreign Office721 Jan 17 BC memorial requesting US annexation. 721 B705FO01917 Jan 24 Resolution to US Congress for cession of BC. 917 B705FO02953 Jan 25 Approval of Johnston as consul for North German Confederation. 953 B705FO032504 Mar 5 Senate speech rejecting San Juan convention. 2504 B705FO044773 May 3 Appointment of US consul at Victoria. 4773 B705FO055331 May 21 Approval of Eckstein as US consul. 53316150 Jun 4 Delaying of San Juan issue for present. 6150 B705FO078292 Jul 29 Inclusion of San Juan in US census. 8292 B705FO0810105 Sep 14 Exclusion of San Juan in US census. 10105 B705FO0911051 Oct 13 Compensation for injuries to Samuel Harris by government of Colombia. 11051 B705FO1011302 Oct 21 Taking of US census on San Juan. 11302 B705FO1113335 Dec 20 Census correspondence from ambassador to US. 13335 B705FO12
Land (Emigration Office)3042 Mar 21 Shortcoming of preemption claims ordinance. 3042 B705LN019342 Aug 27 Effects of three ordinances regarding title to real estate. 9342 B705LN02
Miscellaneous3189 Mar 23 Receipt by Aborigines Protection Society of report. 3189 B705MI013389 Mar 29 Implementing US-BC postal arrangement. 3389 B705MI024324 Apr 22 Half yearly statement of the Bank of BC. 4324 B705MI035583 May 23 Making further provisions for BC government. 5583 B705MI046776 May 29 Suspension of Humphreys from Legislative Council. 6776 B705MI057862 Jul 20 Reply to cathedral restoration petition. 7862 B705MI068184 Jul 28 Credit to BC for conveyance of mails. 8184 B705MI0710146 Sep 20 Extension of money order system to BC. 10146 B705MI0810930 Oct 11 HBC's concern over Indian liquor trade. 10930 B705MI0911053 Oct 13 Royal Geographic Society's receipt of Begbie's "Benches" report. 11053 B705MI1011648 Oct 31 Half yearly statement of the Bank of BC. 11648 B705MI11
Parliamentary3132 Mar 29 Request correspondence warning threats of invasion up to 1859. 3132 B705PA013362 Mar 29 Request correspondence warning threats of invasion up to 1859. 3362 B705PA02
Trade (Board of Trade)6416 Jun 14 Creation of a further customs duty. 6416 B705TA016791 Jun 25 Desertion ordinance suggestions. 6791 B705TA02
Treasury771 Jan 20 Report on drawings from Crown fund for Seymour's salary. 771 B705TE013095 Mar 23 Expenditures for San Juan occupation. 3095 B705TE023821 Apr 11 Grant of passage money for Maunsell. 3821 B705TE034646 Apr 30 Placing of crown fund under legislative control. 4646 B705TE044770 May 4 Reimbursement of passage money to Maunsell. 4770 B705TE056513 Jun 16 Change of fiscal year dates for San Juan account. 6513 B705TE066638 Jun 18 Approval of further customs duty. 6638 B705TE077909 Jul 23 Clearing of Seymour's effects through customs. 7909 B705TE08
War Office1874 Feb 16 Oustanding remittance for stores. 1874 B705WA012108 Feb 21 Stores supplied to guard house, Government House. 2108 B705WA02
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