No. 3
22 January 1858
1. I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Despatch No 14 of the 6th of November last in reply to my letter of the 28th of July, in which I requested your instructions as to the amount and payment of the Salary to be assigned to Mr Cameron the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ofVancouver'sManuscript image Vancouver's Island Vancouver's Island, and I observe that you have referred the question to the Hudson's Bay Company, with whom it appears the decision rests.
2. As Mr Cameron received his appointment from Her Majesty's Government, and as it is obviously conducive to the best interests of the Colony, and to his efficiency as Judge, that he should be placed in a perfectly respectable and independent position as to the emoluments of his office, may I request the support of Her Majesty's Government, in favor of any measures, having that object in view, which may be hereafter proposed by the Hudson's Bay Company.
I have etc.
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[ABd] 15 March/58
TFE 18 March
The request seems reasonable in substance, but I do not see how Government can pledge themselves beforehand to any measure (without knowing what) which the H.B.C. may adopt in favour of Mr Cameron. Perhaps this desp. had better be communicated to the Company & they may be asked whether it refers to any project entertained by them (see our draft of 6 Nov).
HM Mh 17
C M 18
The pledge asked for by the Governor is too vague for any Dept to assent to: better ask the H.B.Co as propd.
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Draft reply, Stanley to Douglas, No. 2, 30 April 1858.