Vancouver Island Despatches from London 1859
4 Jan 7 Desire of English merchant to make VI a free port. 4 B590698 Jan 27 Reserving land for naval purposes. 811 Jan 29 Tribune sailing from Hong Kong for VI. 11 V5903015 Feb 7 Appointment of public officers in VI. 15 B5920018 Feb 9 Sale of town lots at Victoria. 18 V5905625 Feb 21 Rights of foreign miners in BC and VI. 25 B5906637 Mar 23 Reaction of BC residents to Douglas's appointment. 3740 Apr 1 Fate of French subject, Jean Baptiste Massenot. 40 B59204Mar 24 James Cooper's duties in VI for BC. (Confidential) 41 Apr 2 Expenditure on buildings for boundary survey. 41 B595MI1042 Apr 2 Repayment of loan by Washington authorities. 42 B5906844 Apr 6 Refusal of imperial government to pay for prison reform. 44 B5920645 Apr 9 Admission of Scottish lawyers to practice in VI. 45 B595MI1349 Apr 11 Relations with Indians. 4955 Apr 25 Repayment of loan by Washington authorities. 55 B59069SP57 Apr 29 Admission of Barnston to practice law in VI. 57 B5907158 Apr 30 American settlers on San Juan Island. 58 B5907259 Apr 30 Reservation of coal and timber for crown use. 59 B5907363 May 11 Construction of lighthouses at Race Rocks and Fisgard Island. 63 V595HB01May 14 Admission of British shipping to US coasting trade. (Confidential) 67 May 20 Formation of Indian reserves. 6769 May 22 Repayment of loan by Washington authorities. 69 B595MI2272 Jun 1 Assembly's request for investigation of HBC affairs. 7273 Jun 2 Employment of Reverend Cridge. 73 B595TA0174 Jun 2 Payment of Calder's pension. 7477 Jun 10 American settlers on San Juan Island. 77 B5907878 Jun 16 Construction of lighthouses. 78 B595TA021 Jul 12 Expenses incurred for construction of public buildings. 1 V5971012 Jul 22 Use of military force against Indians. 2 B59063PR3 Jul 22 Future use of buildings used by boundary survey. 3 B590644 Jul 22 Proclamation declaring Victoria a free port. 4 B591935 Jul 24 Crown land reserves in VI. 5 B59195SPJul 29 Salary of governor. (Confidential) 6 Aug 1 HBC reaction to letter concerning construction of public buildings. 6 B595LW017 Aug 5 Transmitting order approving three acts. 7 B595MI018 Aug 11 Payments for construction of lighthouses. 89 Sep 3 Bonding system in Californian ports. 9 B5919710 Sep 3 Refusal of HBC to accede to Douglas's application for advances. 10 B5906511 Sep 17 Irregularities and mismanagement of customs office. 11 V5903012 Sep 28 Transmitting order approving one act. 12 B59198Sep 29 Reaction to American occupation of San Juan Island. (Confidential) 13 Oct 8 General Scott embarks at New York. 13 B5919914 Oct 20 Use of BC civil servants for VI purposes. 14 V5900315 Oct 20 Sale of inferior land. 15 B5920016 Oct 20 General Harney's occupation of San Juan Island. 16 B5920117 Oct 21 Despatch of lighting apparatus to VI. 1718 Oct 21 Occupation of San Juan Island by American troops. 18 V5905619 Oct 21 Memorial from VI inhabitants concerned about San Juan Island. 19 B595MI0520 Nov 2 Site of naval powder magazine on VI. 2021 Nov 2 Vouchers for expenditure for buildings for survey party. 21 B595MI06Nov 16 Joint occupation of San Juan Island. (Confidential) 22 Nov 30 Memorial from inhabitants of VI concerning San Juan Island. 22 B595MI0723 Dec 1 Difficulties incurred by resumption of VI by British government. 2324 Dec 1 Payment for public buildings. 2425 Dec 28 American attempt to levy customs dues on baggage of San Juan's resident magistrate. 25 B59066
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