Kennedy to Newcastle
J.U.S. Club
Charles Street London
Aug 27 1863
My Lord Duke
I observe that the office of Colonial Secretary for Vancouvers Island is vacant, consequent upon Mr Young (who has acted in that capacity for both Colonies) having been transferred to British Columbia.
I trust Your Grace will excuse me for recommending Mr Henry Wakeford for the office. Mr Wakeford acted as my Private Secretary, and clerk to the Executive and Legislative Councils in Western Australia from 1855 to 1862, and since that period has filled the important and responsible office of Police Magistrate at Perth. The records ofManuscript image the Colonial Office will shew with what accuracy and punctuality he discharged the duties of these offices. I cannot apraise too highly of Mr Wakefords high honor and official aptitude. His experience and efficiency would be invaluable to me in the administration of a new colony, and would more than justify Your Graces favour.
Mr Wakeford is most respectably connected and is married to a daughter of the late Sir Henry Bishop.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Graces very faithful
A.E. Kennedy

To His Grace The Duke of Newcastle K.G.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Mr Young is the Colonial Secretary of B.C. and Auditor. But Governor Douglas has employed him witht salary as Secretary to the Govt of V.C.I. On the separation of the 2 Colonies the vacancy arises, for which Mr Kennedy submits the name of Mr Wakeford.
The sum ofManuscript image £600 per ann: is assigned to the Office by the late Civil List despatch.
ABd 28 Augt
See 8395.
This is purely a question whether the Duke of Newcastle will do Governor Kennedy the favor of letting him name the new Colonial Secretary.
[TFE] 1 Sept
CF 3
I do not think it is desirable that a new Governor, or a Governor on leave, should recommend Colonial Officers from friends of his own who have no connection with the Colony. It is a very different thing for a Governor to recommend a Man actually in the Colony.
N 8