Kennedy to Newcastle
J.U.S. Club
Charles Street London
27 August 1863
My Lord Duke
I have the honor to request His Graces consideration and decision on the Subject of the Passage Allowance to the Governor proceeding to Vancouvers Island, for which there does not appear to be any fixed rate.
In deciding upon this question, I would state the following facts for Your Graces consideration.
The Passage to Vancouver Island, will be quite, if not more expensive, than that to "Western Australia," for which £800 is the fixed Allowance; and my experience taught me that it was no more than sufficient.Manuscript image The expense of transporting Servants, to Vancouver Island is very heavy; and in addition to this, all Baggage (over and above a small allowance) from Southampton to Vancouvers Island is charged at the rate of "£22 pr ton and 5 p cent [for masse?]." When Insurance is added it amounts to a Serious item upon the Quantity of Baggage necessary when proceeding to so distant a Colony.
I have the honor to be
Your Graces very faithful
A.E. Kennedy
To His Grace the Duke of Newcastle K.G. &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
The decision on this application will have to be carefully considered, before recommending it to the Treasury—inasmuch as it will constitute a precedent to be followed on future occasions.
My own idea is that it is more troublesome—so many transhipments being involved—And asManuscript image many miles have [three words off microfilm] over in going to V.C.Isd as there wd be in going to our most distant dependencies; for which the sum of £800 is allowed. Mr Kennedy says that it cost him that sum to return, I suppose, from Western Australia. As no outfit is allowed by this Office to Governors, as is customary at the For: Office for their Chief Officers, I think we ought not to fix a sum less than is actually necessary for defraying the reasonable expenses of a Governor when assuming his post.
ABd 28 Augt/63
Mr Fortescue
To all the Australian Colonies & also to Ceylon £800 is allowed & £700 to Mauritius. For practical purposes I suppose that Vancouver & B. Columbia are about the two most remote spots on the Globe from England. I should be much disposed therefore to advise you to grant one of these two highest rates of allowance. One advantage is that if there be a little surplus, it helps towards outfit which is burthensome on all Colonial Governors.
TFE 1 Sep
I think £800 may be granted.
CF 3
I agree.
N 8
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Manuscript image
Rogers to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 14 September 1863, recommending that £800 in passage allowance be granted to Governor Kennedy.
Manuscript image
Rogers to Kennedy, 14 September 1863, advising that £800 had been recommended to Treasury as an appropriate passage allowance to Vancouver Island.