Shepherd to Labouchere
Hudson's Bay House
10th October 1856
I have the honor to enclose for your information copy of a correspondence between the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and the Hudson's Bay Company on the subject of the Boundary Line between the territory of the United States and Vancouver's Island, as I believe that it is your desire to be Kept fully informed on all points connected with the affairs of that Island.
I have the honor to be Sir
John Shepherd

Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Acke receipt.
As the question of running the Boundary Line between the Territories of the U. States & Great Britain in this quarter of America is one of the effects of Treaty arrangement, & does not involve any Governmental point in V. Couver's Island I considered that it was proper for the F. Office, & not for us to consult the H.B.Co.
ABd 10 Oct
HM O 13
HL O 15
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Elliot to Shepherd, 22 October 1856, acknowledging receipt of his letter and enclosures.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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"Memorandum by the Governor, Deputy Governor, and Committee of the Hudson's Bay Company, on the subject of the Boundary Line between the United States Continent and Vancouver's Island," 26 September 1856, arguing at length that the proper boundary is the channel east of the San Juan Islands; dening allegations that Arrowsmith ever showed the boundary through the western channel; advising that the Commissioners "be instructed to examine Douglas as evidence on this important matter"; and suggesting that Point Roberts might be ceded to Great Britain.
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Memo, Hudson's Bay Company to E. Hammond, Foreign Office, 29 September 1856, explaining that he had delayed forwarding the enclosures because he was waiting a letter from John Arrowsmith, which will be forwarded upon its receipt.
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Extract, Douglas to Archibald Barclay, Secretary, Hudson's Bay Company, 21 November 1853, discussing the current situation with regard to the border dispute.
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John Arrowsmith to William G. Smith, Secretary, Hudson's Bay Company, 29 September 1856, detailing his sources of information and reasons for locating the boundary on his map of 1853, denying he had ever located it west of the San Juans, and enclosing a tracing of a map prepared by John B. Preston, Surveyor General of Oregon, in October 1852 placing it in the same location.
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Smith to Hammond, 2 October 1856, forwarding copy of a letter from Arrowsmith, just received.
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Hammond to Shepherd, 4 October 1856, advising that Lieutenent Colonel Robinson of the Royal Engineers had been selected as "Her Majesty's Commissioner for laying down the Boundary between the Coast of America and Vancouver's Island."