No. 19
29th June 1857
1. I have the honor to make known for your information the arrival in Port Victoria, on the 22nd Instant, of the United States Paddle Steamer "Active," with the Boundary Commissioner Archibald Campbell Esquire and suite on board.
Mr Manuscript image
2. Mr Campbell has since been introduced to Her Majesty's Commissioner Captain Prevost, RN; and their first business meeting, took place on the 27th of Instant, with satisfaction to both of those Gentlemen. They are pleased with each other, and disposed to negotiate in a spirit of mutual kindness and accommodation.
3. The meeting of the 27th resulted in an agreement to establish, in the first place, before entering upon any other business, the initial points in the Gulf of Georgia, and at the spot where the 49th parallel of Latitude meets the sea coast, between Point RobertsandManuscript image and Birch Bay.
4. In the mean time it is the intention of the Commissioners to proceed to Olympia with the "Satellite" and "Active" in company on an official visit to the Governor of Washington Territory.
5. Captain Prevost having expressed a wish that I should accompany him to Olympia, and having an impression that the public service may be thereby promoted, I do not feel at liberty, in consequence of your instructions of the 2nd of January last, to refuse his request, and I will therefore give him a draft on you for the expense of my passage to that place.
6. The United StatesCommissionerManuscript image Commissioner is provided with a large and efficient staff of scientific officers and a military escort consisting of a full company of the 9th Regiment of Infantry.
7. His instructions direct him to trace out and mark upon the ground the line of boundary from the sea coast to the Rocky Mountains. I believe that the instructions of Her Majesty's Commissioner relate only to the settlement of that part of the boundary line which is in dispute.
8. It is highly important to all parties engaged in the business of this country, that the boundary line, as contemplated by the United States Government
Manuscript image Government should be marked on the ground as far as the Rocky Mountains, without delay, as uncertainty in regard to the sovereignty of desirable business localities, will retard the course of improvement, and may also lead to serious contests for possession of such places, especially in the gold districts, between Her Majesty's Subjects and the citizens of the United States.
9. Her Majesty's Government may therefore consider it expedient and proper to co-operate in that work, with the Government of the United States, and it is for that reason that I take the liberty ofbringingManuscript image bringing the circumstance under your notice.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedient humble Servant
James Douglas

The Right Honble Henry Labouchere Esqre
Her Majesty's principal Secretary of State
For the Colonial Department.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Communicate to Foreign Office. I suppose that Dt will pay the expense of Governor Douglas' voyage to Olympia.
You will see it mentioned in the 3rd page of the enclosure to 6694/57 that Captn Prevost has been desired to report if he cd leave his Ship, & run the Boundary from the Gulf of Georgia to the Rocky Mountains.
ABd 19 S
Mr Blackwood
The draft answer to 6694 is not annexed.
HM S 20
The draft answer is attached to 6585.
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For. office accordingly. Annex draft.
HM S 24
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Merivale to E. Hammond, Foreign Office, 5 October 1857, forwarding copy of the despatch.