Read to Stanley
Park Road Belle Vue
March 10 1858 The Right Honble Lord Stanley H.M. Colonial Secretary Whitehall

My Lord,
It having been announced as the intention of your Lordships predecessor, to cause an Ethnological Survey of Vancouvers Island to be made, I am desirous of ascertaining whether or not your Lordship has determined upon proceeding with the same; as in the event of theManuscript image appointments not being already made I purpose submitting to your Lordship my claims for an Engagement thereon.
I am not aware whether the appointments will be made direct from your Lordship, or mediately through the instrumentality of the Royal Geographical Society, and I shall feel greatly obliged by receiving such information as will enable me to forward my application through the proper Channel.
I have the honour to be My Lord
Your Most obedt Servt
Wm Read, C.E.
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Mr Merivale
Are you aware of any such intention on the part of Mr Labouchere? & Lord Stanley?
ABd 11/3
I am not: nor can imagine what an "Ethnological Survey" of so limited a spot as Vanc. I. can be meant for.
HM Mh 11
It might be well to ascertain whether any scientific expedn was propd by Govt to Vanc. Id. If not, we have only to tell the writer he is mistaken.
C M 12
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Draft, Colonial Office to Read, 20 March 1858, stating the government had no plans to undertake an ethnological survey of Vancouver Island.