Kennedy to Newcastle
J.U.S. Club
Charles Street London
Augt 27 1863
My Lord Duke
I have the honor to request Your Graces instruction, and decision, on the Subject of the Governors residence in "Vancouver Island."
I am informed that there is no "Government House," that occupied by Sir James Douglas, being his own private property.
Under these circumstances I should suggest that I might be authorized to procure a plan for a new Government House, to be submitted for Your Graces approval before I leave England, and obtain the necessary sanction from the local Legislature on arrival in Vancouver Island.
I have learned thatManuscript image there will be difficulty, and considerable expence, in obtaining temporary accommodation of any kind. It would obviate delay and correspondence if I were in possession of Your Graces opinion as to the most convenient course to adopt pending the erection of a permanent Residence.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Graces Very faithful
A.E. Kennedy
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
The Colony will have to provide a Govt House—and pay for it. Ditto furniture for the public rooms. There is nothing else for it except for the Governor to recommend the Assembly to find the means.
As to supplying a plan, to be appd by the Duke of Newcastle, that can be only done at an expense of £25—or perhaps more, the usual charge of anManuscript image architect for such a job.
Of course the Governor must have house accommodation found for him until a suitable residence is built—whh also the Colony must pay for.
I hope these demands—proper as they may be—will not impair the popularity of a new Governor: but I think the VanCouver people will lament in this respect, certain charges which Govr Douglas managed to get defrayed out of the pocket of B. Columbia. See especially 8395.
ABd 28 Augt/63
Mr Fortescue
Every Colony provides a Govt House and furnishes the public rooms, but not, I believe, the private rooms. I think it clear that Vancouver Island must do like others. As to the question of getting a plan made in England, perhaps you will pronounce: there is no local knowledge about materials &c, but on the other hand I suppose that it would be difficult to find a well qualified Architect at Vancouver Island.
FR 1 Sept
I should be inclined to allow Mr Kennedy to procure a plan. He might be told to consult Mr Pemberton, Surveyor Gen. of V.Id now in this country.
CF 3
It would be desirable to have a plan provided in this Country.
N 8
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Rogers to Kennedy, 16 September 1863, advising that he should apply to the House of Assembly for funds to build and furnish suitable accommodation, and that he should obtain a plan for the residence before leaving England.
Minutes by CO staff
Mr Fortescue
This is a small matter to trouble you with. But I do not exactly understand who is to pay for Mr Kennedy's plan. I do not apprehend that we have any funds at the command of the Secy of State. The funds in the hands of the Agents are not so applicable.
The only way is to desire the Crown Agents to advanceManuscript image the necessary sum for the payment of the Architects' charge, and when we know the amount—then to instruct Mr Kennedy to reimburse them. This item is one whh must be obtained from the Lre in the same way as the gross charge for the House.
ABd 10 Sepr