No. 29
4th June 1864
My Lord Duke,
I have the honor to transmit a letter from Mr Henry Wakeford which explains itself.
I have informed you in my Despatch No 28 by this Mail that I have appointed this Gentleman Acting Colonial Secretary during Mr Young's absence and I should have found great difficulty in carrying on thePublicManuscript image Public Service here without his assistance.
I would hope that Mr Wakeford may be permitted to draw half salary from his office in Western Australia till I am enabled to make permanent provision for him here.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Graces very obedient Servant
A.E. Kennedy
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Cox
The Office to which Mr Wakeman [Wakeford] has been nominated in V.C. Isld is only temporary: & the Govr asks that Mr W. Salary from Western Australia may be continued until permanent provision can be made for him. As the principal in the Office of Col. Secy of V.C.I. will, I presume, return to the Colony it is difficult to say when "permanent" employment can be found for Mr Wakeman. Will youManuscript image favor me with yr observations on this proposal before I pass the despatch on?
ABd 25 July
Mr Blackwood
26th July Mr Wakeford received 12 months leave of absence, with half salary, commencing 14th of December 1863 & his leave will consequently expire on the 14th of December next. It will rest of course with the Sec. of State to decide whether this leave should be extended but I do not think that it ought to be indefinitely prolonged as Governor Kennedy appears to suggest, especially as there appears to be no reasonable prospect of his obtaining permanent employment in Vancouvers Island.ItManuscript image It will be necessary to instruct the Crown Agents (with reference to our letter of 15th of March) to pay the half Salary due to him to Mr Wakeford whom he has appointed to receive it.
WD 26th July
Sir F. Rogers
Mr Young, Col: Secy of V.C.Isld, was granted by Sir J. Douglas 12 months leave of absence commencing about the middle of last April. That leave has not been confirmed, the Governor having been written to to say whether Mr Young's absence for the whole 12 months would inconvenience him. As the Governor has secured the services of Mr Wakeford, his former official subordinate, the ansr will probably be in the negative. On the other hand Mr Wakefords absence is for 12 months, ending the 14 Decr/64. There is, therefore, a difference of 4 months between the termination of the leaves of the respective officers. I do not see that it devolves on us to square these absences so as to enable Mr Wakeford to withdraw at the moment when Mr Young returns, tho' considering how distant a place is W. Australia an extension of 4 months to the former is an indulgence which Mr Cardwell might possibly grant. But what we have to see to is that Mr Wakeford only receives 1/2 salary from W. Australia, during his absence from the Colony and not until the Govr is enabled to make permanent provision for him in V.C.I. That proposal of Govr K. seems to me unusual, at all events in my Division.
ABd 27 July/64
Manuscript image
This is a proceeding wh (after a little hesitation) I think a fair one.
Mr Wakeford having served 8 years in W. Australia and receiving a salary of 360£ a year and being therefore entitled under our rules to considerable leave of absence, on half pay (180£ a year) takes that leave & goes to V.C.I. on the notion of getting employment from his old W. Australian chief Gov. Kennedy.
He states this fairly to the Governor of W.A. agreeing that his Australian 1/2 salary is to cease when he gets the Expected employment in V.C.I. He gets at once an acting apptmt as Colonial Secretary—on a half salary, as I collect, of 250£ a year.
£300? Vide 6967. Mr Young received £300 [?] 6011 [?] by despatch dated 30 April. £600 (the [?] of the [?] rate) [two words cut off microfilm] would make [his] salary £300.
Gov. K. applies that the acceptance of this acting and temporary employmentManuscript image may not be held to terminate his right to his W. Australian 1/2 salary.
I think this not unfair—since the Colonial Regulations Act 92 prescribe that an officer temporarily advanced to an acting appointment "may be allowed half the salary of the office in wh he is so appointed to act together with the half salary of his own office."
Answer therefore that Mr Cardwell considers that Mr W may continue to draw his half salary from W. Australia notwithstanding his acceptance, on half salary, of the act[in]g appointment of Col. Secy of V.C.I.
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Before long Mr W. will ask for extension of leave of absence—but this request may be dealt with when it arrives.
EC 29
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Wakeford to Kennedy, 4 June 1864, requesting that duplicates of a despatch from the Governor of Western Australia be forwarded to the Secretary of State for the Colonies.
Manuscript image
J.S. Hampton, Governor of Western Australia, to Newcastle, 17 December 1863, advising that he has granted 12 months leave of absence to Henry Wakeford, Police Magistrate.
Manuscript image
Wakeford to Colonial Secretary [Western Australia], 16 December 1863, asking that the Crown Agents be instructed to pay his half salary to his agent in England.
Manuscript image
Certificate granting leave of absence to Wakeford, no date, signed by J.S. Hampton, Governor of Western Australia.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Kennedy, No. 28, 1 August 1864.
Minutes by CO staff
Sir F. Rogers
Govr Kennedy does not mean to rob the S. of State of this piece of patronage on a vacancy? The way in which he speaks of finding permanent employ for Mr Wakeford looks suspicious.
I add a sentence for consn.
FR 30/7