Shepherd to Stanley
Hudson's Bay House
March 18, 1858
My Lord
With reference to the previous correspondence with Mr Secretary Labouchere on the subject of the murder of Colonel Ebey, a citizen of the United States at Whidbey's Island, Washington Territory, I have now the honor to enclose, for your Lordship's information, an Extract of a letter lately received from Governor Douglas, dated Victoria, Vancouver's Island, 14th January 1858, by which your Lordship will perceive that Governor Douglas reports that this murder was committed by some natives of the Russian Territory on the North West Coast of America.
I have the honor to be My
Your most obedient humble
John Shepherd
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Communicate to the Foreign Office.
ABd 20/3
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HM Mh 20
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Draft, Merivale to E. Hammond, Foreign Office, 31 March 1858, forwarding copy of the despatch.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Extract, Douglas to W.G. Smith, Secretary, Hudson's Bay Company, 14 January 1858, reporting that the murder of Colonel Ebey had been committed by Indigenous peoples of the Russian Territory.